What is an EVA?

Our EVAs are vetted and screened industry professionals with years of experience in their field. What makes our platform unique is the ability to book an EVA that can assist with your business’ accounting, and use the very same platform to book an EVA that can help improve your social media traffic.

We believe adding a remote worker to your team is the future.

Book and manage your Virtual Assistants
from one platform

EVA works alongside your business by providing remote workers on an
hourly basis to assist with various tasks. Not sure what to expect? Let’s walk you through.



Use our powerful search engine to find an EVA perfect for your business and task. Search by software, skill, position or level of experience that match the task you need done.

Browse our EVAs and check their availability.

Our EVAs are all screened, checked and vetted to
ensure that you’re getting the best there is to offer.
You can check their availability instantly using their calendar. Making the entire experience as easy as possible.

Confirm your bookings or add more hours

The best thing about EVA is the ability to book experienced Virtual Assistants by the hour. Not sure how many hours your task might take? Email us at hello@eva.co.za and our team will guide you through it

Add your information and checkout securely

Finally, add your company details and checkout securely.

What happens next?


As soon as your booking is done, your EVA will be in
contact with you.

We always suggest starting your booking with a 30 minute call to run through your needs. This ensures that both you and your EVA knows what to expect. We advise sending all info needed to your EVA before the booked timeslot begins to make the most out of this time.

If you are not sure what this info may entail, don’t worry, our EVAs are well trained to guide you through the necessary steps.

Need More Info?

Our team has over 25 years of experience working in Human Resources and helping companies find staff that can empower their business. EVA wants to change the way you employ.

Contact us for more info.

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