Deadlines are something all of us know.
In fact, we all have experience with them.

If you have never missed a deadline – well done! If you have, you’re only human! Missed or not, the stress that comes with the deadlines are real.

Have you ever wished you had a clone to help you with finishing your work before the deadline? You don’t want some random person off the street, but someone who will put in the same effort as you do.

With EVA this is possible! Our EVA’s are all specialists. They have actual experience in what they do and we have tested them to make sure they are all top notch. So when you’re booking an EVA you know you will receive quality work.
But don’t take my word for it, let’s take a look at Tina’s experience.

Tina has her own successful Writing Services business. She writes reports, blogs and articles for a living. She has always completed her work on time by herself.
One week her clients all request work from her, and it doesn’t take long before Tina realizes she will not be able to complete everything by herself, this time. She needed assistance with a 300 word blog, or she’ll miss her deadlines.

She saw Vicky’s profile on EVA and realized that she is an expert in content writing. She made a booking of 3 hours with Vicky – and had her blog in hand in time for her deadline!

After the booking Tina had this to say: Eva is a genius concept – and a life saver!

Vicky is a professional blogger and content creator with a degree in Journalism. Tina’s booking only cost her R1 400 for a professionally written blog.

You can book Vicky on in 4 quick steps.
1. Choose your Online Personal Assistant
2. Choose your date and time
3. Give us some details
4. Make payment.

It’s that easy – Visit now!
All our EVA’s are vetted, tested, interviewed, checked and trained for your peace of mind.