Let’s start at the beginning – what is an EVA and why should I hire one?

An EVA (Express Virtual Assistant) is a specialist in his or her field that has been trained to be a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants work remotely and mostly work on a part-time or flexible basis.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire remote personal assistant.

1. They save you time – Time is your most precious commodity. Imagine if you could hand over those super boring, time consuming tasks that take you away from everything you should be doing to grow your business. Imagine if you suddenly had that time back, to get to the things you never do or to spend with family or friends?

2. They save you money – No overhead costs on office space or equipment. Your EVA has her own workspace, computer, internet and phone line.

3. They have skills you don’t – Your EVA has skills you don’t and may be able to finish tasks, that take you days, in a matter of hours! Outsourcing these type of tasks is good business sense – it saves you time and effort, and it’ll most probably be done better and that’s okay – you have other strengths!

4. EVAs Can Drive Business Growth – You cannot work on all the tasks yourself. Having an extra hand on projects and specific tasks can lead to business growth. Remember to collaborate with your EVA and bring him or her into your process – eventually you’ll start seeing increases in productivity and eventually business growth.

5. No contracts, no hiring, no fuss – With EVA you book your online personal assistant in a few clicks, with no contracts, hiring processes or fuss! There’s also no expectation of long-term commitment, you can book an EVA for as little as one hour!