How do I prepare my EVA to make sure everything gets done the way I want it to be done?

First of all, prepping your EVA is extremely important. Skipping this step in the beginning may cause a lot of wasted time and frustration in future.

To be able to prep your EVA, you should be prepared as well.
Make sure you have a list of tasks ready before you book your EVA. Also make sure that you have all the documentation ready that the EVA may need to execute tasks, as well as all passwords or access to the software you need them to use.

After getting all of this ready we suggest arranging an introductory meeting of an 30 to 90 minutes discussing and sharing the following:

1. Tell your EVA about your company, your target market, the look & feel you prefer etc. This gives your EVA a good indication of your companies style, goals and challenges.

2. Chat about your preferences regarding communication – do you prefer email, phone calls or messaging? Arrange a recurring meeting with your EVA to catch-up and discuss progress or challenges.

3. SHARE – share all the documents, information and passwords your virtual personal assistant may need to get the job done.
EVA has a free onboarding checklist for you to use in this first meeting that makes sure you don’t miss anything. When booking your first EVA, you will receive this resource for free!

I’m not very good at prepping others, or I do not have time – what happens now?
With our EVA’s extensive training and experience with, they know how to guide you into what they need from you. Whether this be information, questions answered or systems knowledge.

We still highly suggest an initial call so that all of these questions can be asked by the EVA before starting any tasks. Having a good prepping session is preferable, but if it is not possible, make sure to write the details down during the booking process and making sure the EVA receives everything needed, and has your preferred communication method to be able to ask any questions that may be necessary.

In summary, be sure to
1. Have a list of tasks you need done before making the booking (it also helps to prioritise each task on the list).
2. Send all documentation your EVA may need to complete the job
3. Send a list of all the tech or software you use and the passwords needed to sign-in.
4. Book an initial prepping call of 30 – 90 mins to go through all the details with your EVA