Need help preparing for the end of the year? EVA has you covered. We offer virtual assistants who will help during the holidays, taking the pressure off you and your team. Learn more here.

Year-end comes with the anticipation of the much-deserved break for most of your staff. But before the festive journey can start, there’s work to be done: yearly targets have to be met, and the books balanced.

To achieve all end-year requirements, the staff in most companies have to put in extra hours. But say goodbye to a gloomy and exhausted team as you beat your end-of-the-year deadlines as Express Virtual Assistant (EVA) has you and your company covered.

EVA provides skilled virtual assistants ready to help companies clear their overwhelming workload. We proudly offer EVAs to lighten the load and streamline:

  • Customer service
  • Finance and accounting
  • Sales and marketing
  • Admin and secretarial
  • Human resources
  • Writing

EVAs are a perfect addition to any team as they have undergone a thorough vetting and screening process. EVA provides your company with an opportunity to book one individual to sort out your accounting and financial workload and another to boost your social media traffic and presence, for example.

Financial services provided by EVA
A new year means a company’s financial records should also start a new leaf. Preparing a final financial report is cumbersome for understaffed companies. But hiring professionals helps avoid misleading financial statements that may bring out glaring discrepancies during an audit.

The EVA finance and accounting team comprises bookkeepers, accountants, debtors and credit controllers. This skilled team is diverse and has individuals bringing different levels of skills and experience in various fields to the table. These include:

  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Intermediate
  • Specialised
  • Specialised 2

And our teams are affordable: EVA pricing structures are based on experience, skills, time and projects. This diversity and wide array of services provide different levels and categories for any company. At a time of the year when you need all hands on deck and the highest level of productivity, an extra set of hands is the right choice.

With EVA, the end of the year will no longer be stressful. Book yourself an EVA and have all your financial and accounting services covered. Your workload finished by the end of the year equates to a relaxed festive break. Browse through our finance and accounting EVAs today.