Outsourcing Is The Future: How Current Trends Are Shaping Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are the workforce you can’t be without. From mandatory tasks to efforts in efficiency, here’s how current trends are shaping virtual assistants of the future.
Outsourcing is part and parcel of doing sound business. While the use of remote assistance has been around for years, it hasn’t been until the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic were realised that we have seen this massive shift and increase in day-to-day activity and market demand. Virtual assistants are fast becoming the new staple to business as we find our economic footing again.

Express Employment Professionals is acutely aware of the change in dynamic for our Freelance virtual assistants and we have seen the start of several trends that we expect to disrupt and shape business of the future.

Correlation Between COVID-19 Restrictions And Business Solutions

As with all things in business, we find the core principle of supply and demand holds true. When businesses were required to limit office use or to shift their workforce into a remote environment, it sparked a few noticeable changes in perspective. First, that a large volume of work could actually be done without incurring the costs of a brick and mortar establishment. Other realisations include the fact that both revenue and productivity could be increased while overheads that are expected of traditional workspaces (such as equipment, fuel cards, etc.) could be eliminated. Businesses are working smarter, not harder, and choosing solutions that save time and build efficiency.

Virtual Assistant Trends That Businesses Are Embracing

Virtual assistants are being endorsed globally and this has resulted in an expected 12% market growth according to the latest report by Technavio (2021 – 2025), with the growth for 2021 alone being set at 7.65%.

In terms of market trends, we see more demand in the content sectors from consumers to publishers. This also includes the aspects of content engagement for people with disabilities (especially in regards to sight and hearing). The social dynamics and realised demand for social support post-pandemic has greatly increased the demand for services that virtual assistants are well suited to and can be provided safely from anywhere on the planet (which is doubly beneficial as it adheres to COVID-19 protocols). These services range from the mundane (calendar management for example) to the essential (which include core business functions like staff training) and will form a greater part of virtual assistance in years to come.

It is clear that online virtual assistants are becoming a vital part of your workforce and updated business space. Speak to our team today to find the right solution for your needs.