Slide into my DM’s!

When Lerato contacted us via Direct message on Instagram, she had a common “business owner problem”. Lerato has a small business selling products via Instagram. While tending to orders, her inbox exploded! As a one-woman business she simply didn’t have the time to reply to all her messages and get her orders out.

She realised that she needs help, but she wanted someone who has good language and grammar skills, because they will have direct contact with her clients.
She booked Talitha, an experienced PA through EVA in a few seconds. Within 3 hours, Talitha replied to every client, answering their queries, taking their orders and giving through the necessary information. 
Lerato had time to complete all her orders as well as the new ones received from Talitha, thus focusing on doing business and making money, without being distracted by backlog.
Now that’s a win-win! 
We understand that owning a business means always being switched on, wearing different hats, and focusing on what’s important in that moment. We are business owners ourselves. Sometimes there’s just no time to catch-up or get to the basic task of reading and replying to e-mails. Although this is very important, it just seems like there’s always something else to do! You don’t have to do all this alone. Book an EVA for only a few hours, without signing any contracts or waiting for a recruiting process – we’ve already done this for you!
Give it a try – who knows, maybe you can actually catch your breath and have a weekend with your family or friends! 
You can book an Virtual Personal Assistant directly on our website in a few easy steps. You can browse our Online Personal Assistant by skill, experience, software or job title and make use of our handy filters to ensure you get the EVA that fits your specifications. Head to our booking page now by clicking on “Book an EVA” on the Homepage.