To answer this question, we need to start at the beginning; EVA is the brainchild of Express Employment Professionals – a leading staffing provider in South Africa, the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Every day, we help job seekers find work and help businesses find qualified employees.

EVA was born out of a need that we at Express Employment Professionals came across while servicing our clients. We realized that business owners struggle to get the expert skills and knowledge they need to grow their business, in an affordable way.

Express Respects People for who they are, their goals and their concerns and we Impact Business with a sharp business sense that benefits us, our clients, our franchisees, our consultants and our communities.

Recruiting and appointing someone permanently or even temporarily is a big expense, and risk, in times like these. After 2 years of hard work, we launched EVA in April 2020. Now, a business owner can hire an expert, per hour, to assist them with specialized, unattended or boring tasks, in a smart way. If it’s sound too good to be true – it’s because EVA is a groundbreaking new service. Someone even called it ‘Genius!’ But we can assure you that we are 100% compliant. All contracts, deductions and liabilities are handled by us, so that you don’t have to worry. How’s that for peace of mind?

EVA is not your traditional VA service, and here’s why:

1. EVA is changing the face of employment, by making it the smart way to employ!
With EVA there is no commitment, no paperwork and no set packages to choose from. You make all the bookings online and per hour. This makes it super flexible, affordable and easy to use. As a business owner you don’t have time to go looking for employees or freelancers, and mostly end up doing it yourself. With EVA you can have a professional assisting you in a matter of clicks! Now that’s smart!

2. Quality & Peace of mind
All our EVA’s are recruited by Professional Recruiters from Express Employment Professionals. They have to go through a rigorous process and complete skills tests, screenings and criminal record testing. After this they are trained by a VA coach with more than 10 years’ experience.
EVA’s portal is closed which means only we can load profiles onto the website. We are not like other freelancing websites where anyone can load their CV’s and create a profile.

3. Per hour bookings
As mentioned before, all our bookings happen per hour (except if you want to arrange otherwise). This makes EVA a first of it’s kind and also affordable and flexible!

4. Online bookings
All bookings are made by you, online! No need to talk to anyone or sign quotes and waste time. Our easy to use booking system takes you through the process seamlessly.

5. Variety of skills
All our EVA’s have different specialized skills, from a bookkeeper to a digital marketer and everything in between! You can book an EVA for every facet of your business right here!

6. Support
We have dedicated consultants ready to support and assist you with whatever you may need. We also have a dedicated IT team standing by for any difficult setups.

7. The boring stuff (Contracts, Liability, confidentiality…)
We at Express and EVA take care of all confidentiality clauses, contracts , legal liabilities and deductions so that you don’t have to.

EVA is truly the first of its kind and we are passionate about getting you, the business owner, the skills you need to flourish in a smarter way! For any more questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time via email or phone 0860 60 49 49.