Do you have too many tasks and not enough time? It’s time to hire an EVA to help you get it all done.
Hiring extra help in the office can be daunting. Do you stick with your employees only, or is it time to bring in a new employee, freelancers, or even Express Virtual Assistants (EVAs)? Let EVA simplify the choice for you.

Too much on your plate?
Being overwhelmed with work with not enough hours in the day is a sure sign you need help. It’s time to delegate some of your duties and make some important decisions. One of those decisions is about who you can trust to hand your duties to. You have three choices: hire a new employee, hire a freelance virtual assistant, or work with an EVA (Express Virtual Assistant).

Hiring new employees
Hiring a new employee to handle some work may, for you, be an obvious solution when you have a full plate. A dedicated person in your team to handle those duties can give you a sense of stability and reassurance that the work is going to get done. But remember the long-term cost involved with salaries, increased paid leave, bonuses, etc.

Is a freelancer the answer?
Hiring a freelancer to take on the extra duties has its perks too: you don’t need to commit to an ongoing salary and the expenses that go with taking on a permanent staff member – but you are neither assured of a freelancer’s loyalty and commitment and may not have the time to vet his or her skills.

Let’s look at EVAs
An EVA (Express Virtual Assistant) is an expert in whatever field you require – and we, at EVA, find that expert for you and take all the paperwork out of your hands. You simply book an EVA through our website. It truly is that simple.

The perks of working with an EVA
An EVA offers you the perk of paying an hourly rate for experts working on an ad hoc basis. Our eva virtual assistants
are specialists in their fields, each with a different skill set.

Working with an EVA means having access to a skilled professional without the commitment to hire him or her full-time. And you don’t even need to set up a desk since they work completely remotely. It couldn’t be more convenient.

EVA guarantees that all EVAs have been screened, tested, vetted, and trained to perform tasks at the highest possible standard – that’s how confident we are about the difference our EVAs can make to your business.

So stop worrying about hiring new employees or even freelancers. Leave the worrying to us, because EVA will find you the right person for the job – hassle-free.

Hiring a professional EVA is simple – just visit our website:

If you have any questions, drop us an email and say hello: eva virtual assistants