As a business owner there’s never enough hours in a day. EVA can save you precious time – and we can prove it!

Have you ever walked into the office with your to-do list ready? Your cup of coffee is strong and you feel motivated. Suddenly your phone rings and you have to deal with a crisis, your employees keep messaging you for answers, the family group is blowing up and you don’t know if you’re coming or going?

We feel you. We’ve also had those extremely busy days but at the end of the day your to-do list isn’t any shorter. As an entrepreneur you need to focus on the tasks that will grow your business.

When Mike had a day like this he went onto the Virtual Assistant Companies website and “brain dumped” (his words) all of the things he couldn’t get done himself into the message box and asked if there was an EVA, or two, who could assist him with these tasks. Most of the tasks he mentioned were those time consuming tasks that creep in and steal your time.

We connected Mike with Anri, who in a matter of 3 hours a week handled all of the tasks Mike mentioned in his “2-pager-brain-dump” and more! Keeping him focused on the important stuff.

The best part is that Mike only paid R1380 per Month for Anri’s services.

Having a Virtual Personal Assistant on stand-by means that any and all tasks that you can’t get to or that pops up in a day, can be sent off to your EVA and you can have peace of mind that those tasks will be done, without wasting any of your time.

Sometimes the tasks that keep you busy have nothing to do with your business. Juggling work and life is a difficult task. Greg had a personal emergency, and needed to find a pharmacy that had his mother’s medicine in stock but he also had to make deadlines.

Greg booked an EVA who could make the calls for him, while he went on making sure his clients are happy. In a matter of hours a pharmacy with stock was found and an arrangement was made to get his mother’s medicine to her on time.

When you feel overwhelmed, or overworked, remember that you can book a skilled professional by the hour. EVA’s goal is to get Small to Medium Business Owners the access to high-level skills in a smart and affordable way!

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