Box clever with EVA’s help – especially when you are a small business with few, reliable people. Let us help you build a team that will not only save you money, but won’t leave a hole in your staff should someone leave. See why hiring our virtual assistants is the answer…

Your hands-on Jack-of-all-trades just resigned and you have no idea how to plug that massive hole. Where will you find someone reliable, being able to do the books, handling orders, see that your shelves are stocked and understand the ins and outs of your small business? Don’t despair, EVA has the answer: a virtual assistant – or two even.

We know you rely heavily on your small team to stay on top of your game – but we also know people come and go. That’s why we work hard to fill any gap in any company with a reliable, trustworthy virtual assistant.

Each of our candidates are carefully vetted, their backgrounds checked and their experiences in the work field scrutinised. That why we, at EVA, can confidently fill your staff needs with our superior virtual assistants.

But here’s even better news: we take the worry out of building your team. You simply tell us what you need and we do the hard work for you.

And rest assured, you will save money as our EVAs work remotely, requiring none of the usual staff benefits.

With EVA, you can hire qualified workers without breaking the bank. Neither will you need to worry about setting up a workspace or budgeting for employee benefits. We’re all about affordability.

And it’s all there at the click of a button: all you have to do is look through our talented EVAs’ profiles on our website and pick a suitable candidate.

Best of all, our EVAs are all trained and ready to go to ensure a smooth working relationship with minimal transition time.

So start building your dream team today with EVA. We have your back with experienced experts waiting to help you build your company. Save precious time and money and leave it up to us to find you the perfect, affordable EVA. Get in touch today. Our virtual assistants are ready…