Have you been hesitant to hire a virtual assistant due to concerns over bookings and payment? EVA is here to bring you the answers.

Outsourcing daily business tasks to a virtual assistant has become increasingly popular among business owners. If you have been hesitant to hire a virtual assistant because of unanswered questions or concerns about bookings and payment, EVA is here to help you.

Why are bookings made per hour?

Online personal virtual assistants are paid per hour in order to keep everything transparent and recordable. Hourly rates can vary depending on experience, the desired work, and other factors. Having an hourly rate allows the virtual personal assistant to track the time it takes him or her to complete the work and report back on how long the work actually took. Virtual assistants are not permanent staff members and cannot be paid in the same way as them.

Why are payments made upfront?

It’s not at all uncommon in the virtual assistant industry to have payments be made upfront. Think of using our platform to book an EVA (Express Virtual Assistant) as an online shopping experience – you are paying to purchase a block of time with your chosen EVA. Your payment confirms your EVA, who will then deliver your required service. Our secure, online payment portal offers you peace of mind.

Why is there a need for a booking system?

Using our booking system keeps clear, transparent records for both parties. Our platform also simplifies the process of booking the right person for the job by allowing you to browse through our EVAs, their skills, rates and check out their calendars. Our EVAs are all screened, checked and vetted to ensure that you’re getting the best there is to offer. You can check their availability immediately through their calendar, making the entire process as simple as possible.

Express Virtual Assistants: Fast, efficient, and effective additions to your business

EVAs allow you to hire people on an hourly basis with specialist skills, software, and across industries. Working ad hoc eliminates the need for long contracts or paperwork. We believe an EVA will make a significant difference to your business and we are sure you will agree. To start the process of hiring a professional EVA, visit our website. To contact us with questions or enquiries, send us an e-mail at hello@eva.co.za.www530.jnb1.host-h.net.